IBJJF Referee Seminar Course in Sacramento, October 8, Saturday NOON-4PM


With: Professor Alvaro Mansor, 5th Degree Black Belt, and the Director of Referees for the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

When: SATURDAY OCTOBER 8 2011, Noon-4pm

Where: Team Cia Paulista, 1106 North D, Unit 1, Sacramento CA 95811 (Off of I5, Richards Exit, Cross Street Dos Rios)

About: Prof. Mansor will present a 4-hour seminar course for Black and Brown Belt Referees and all students of BJJ preparing for competition or seeking to improve their tournament strategy and results, and gain further understanding of the rules and regulations of the sport.

The seminar will be held on the mat, and technical demonstrations and detailed examples and presentation will be given.
Attendees are encouraged to take notes and photos. Please, no video recordings. There will be a Q&A segment with Prof. Mansor.

The official IBJJF rules are here: http://www.ibjjf.org/rules.htm
Certification will be given for belt levels who are authorized to referee.

Note: This is the same seminar that will be offered in San Jose Friday before the US Open weekend of October 15 & 16.


Inquiries: Email Team@TeamCiaPaulista.com



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Free week trial of BJJ at Team Cia Paulista!


Andre Demonstrates a Knee Bar

Team Andre Cia Paulista Sacramento

Team Andre Cia Paulista Sacramento

Have you been interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Thinking about training but not sure if you’ll like the workout or if you’re ready? Team Cia Paulista is offering a one-week free trial of our BJJ classes to new students. Come by the gym 1106 North D, Unit 1, Sacramento, 95811 and train with us.


Gi Training

Team Andre Cia Paulista is located in a new 8000 square foot facility. The facility offers students the opportunity to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and other mixed martial art activities. It provides a place where both serious competitors, hobbyists and families can train to improve their skills, have fun, keep in good shape and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Sensei Andre Glodzinski (2nd Degree Black Belt, Cia Paulista) goes the extra mile to make sure that each student is learning the techniques properly. He teaches a wide range of students, including those who train as a hobby, or for exercise, as well as aspiring, novice and experienced Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial art competitors.

Kids Class 5pm Monday - Friday

Kids Class 5pm Monday - Friday

2011 Worlds

Team Andre Cia Paulista at The 2011 Worlds

Come try some classes at Cia Paulista! For more information, call 916-877-5487 or email Team@TeamCiaPaulista.com

For more class and schedule information go to our Schedule page. Visit our About page to find out more about Team Cia Paulista and Sensei Andre Glodzinski.

Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeamCiaPaulista

Cia Paulista – Making Champions on the mat and Champions for Life.

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Fundamentals of BJJ
Summer Camp for Kids Ages 9-16


Weekly Camp Monday through Friday 9AM-2PM
$250/week at Team Andre Cia Paulista
1106 North D Street, Unit 12, Sacramento, CA 95811
More info 916-877-5487

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu builds self-esteem, core strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Jiu-Jitsu means “smooth martial art” and is a non-striking martial art. Students will learn basic movements, posture, guard, half-guard, sweeps, chokes, arm bars and other submissions.

Classes will include physical training, warm-ups and exercises, games, supervised rolling, and cover the history, theory and rules of the sport. BJJ etiquette will be taught, as well as the belt system.

Great for high-school wrestlers to stay in shape and sharpen their technique.
No prior wrestling or BJJ or any martial art experience is required.

Repetition is the key to mastering the movements and techniques of Jiu-Jitsu, and as students progress through their weekly instruction, their techniques will become further refined and developed.

Team Andre Cia Paulista is run by Andre Glodzinski, 2nd Degree Black Belt with the IBJJF under Cia Paulista www.CPJJ.org
Summer camp classes will be taught by Blue Belt Lightweight Pan-American Champion 2011, assisted by White Belt World Champions 2011, with Sensei Andre Glodzinski.

Classes are mixed with boys & girls, students wear athletic shorts and rash guards or t-shirts to train. There are separate dressing rooms for the students to use. Students are required to wear flip-flops in the gym and to be bare-foot during their time on the mat.
Lunch is at noon, students are required to bring their own lunch and water bottles. There is bottled water and Gatorade available for purchase at the gym.

Email for more information: Team@TeamCiaPaulista.com

Get to know the Team Andre Cia Paulista family on FB at

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Summer Camp for Kids Ages 9-16


Train Real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sacramento!

Team Cia Paulista Sacramento is a first class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym led by Professor Andre Glodzinski (3rd Degree Black Belt), a multi-tournament champion in Brazil & USA. Cia Paulista Sacramento BJJ is competition-proven technique and traditional jiu-jitsu training environment, with an emphasis on the continuing evolution of the Sport and Art, for fitness, competition, and self-defense.

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